Interview @ CFYE

Stephane giner

J’ai été interviewé par le magazine “Crack For Your Eyes”. English only, désolé pour ceux qui ne pompent rien à la langue de Shakespeare… Voilà comment ils annoncent l’interview. C’est assez pompeux et ca à le don de me mettre mal à l’aise, m’enfin bref. Il ne faut pas cracher sur un peu de visibilité web. D’autant plus que les gars de CFYE sont vraiment sympatiques.

There was a time where we just had discovered Flickr and were amazed by the countless products of creativity we could find on there. We gathered as much things we liked as possible in our own pool, shutter crack, and blogged the best of that on We still do that, but because of all the amazing work out there, we became less easy to impress. One photographer who never ceizes to amaze us though, is the French Stéphane Giner. Stéphane’s work is breathtaking, intense portraits, real street scenes and challenging urban explorations are just a few of the works you can find in his photostream. Since Stéphane keeps on impressing us, it was about time we did an interview with him!